27  Small Camper Decor Ideas (Modern, Boho, & Rustic)

I’m super excited for this summer. Every year, my family goes on a road trip with our small camper, exploring new places. However, my RV needs a serious update. I’ve been scouring Pinterest for small camper decor ideas. Whether it’s a small camper interior decor idea or full-on camper home decor ideas, I WANT IT ALL. Cozy vibes, Instagram-worthy setups, and just all-around amazing spaces to chill in after a day of adventures.

Boho Camper Decor Ideas

1. Pile on the Cozy

Mix and match rugs, blankets, and cushions to create a super comfy vibe. Picture yourself snuggled up in your camper, wrapped in a fluffy blanket, with a soft rug under your feet and cushions all around. This setup makes your RV interior the coziest spot ever, perfect for lazy days and cozy nights.

2. Add Plants and Greenery

Add low-light hanging indoor plants to your camper. A touch of greenery can transform your space, making it feel alive and fresh. Tiny succulents on the windowsill or leafy friends hanging from the ceiling will make your camper feel like a refreshing, green haven.

3. Make it Bright and Airy

Go for a crisp, white theme in your boho camper. White walls, bedding, and decor can make your small space feel bigger and fresher. Add some light-colored curtains and throw in a few neutral colors with cushions or rugs to keep it lively.

4. Add Color for Personality

Add Color for Personality

Throw in bright cushions, funky rugs, and colorful curtains to make the space pop. A few vibrant decor pieces can transform the vibe, making it feel lively and unique.

5. Maximize the Galley Camper Kitchen

Start with smart storage—think hanging racks for pots and pans, magnetic strips for knives, and stackable containers for food. Use foldable or collapsible kitchen tools. Install hooks or small shelves for spices and essentials. Keep the countertops clear by storing appliances when not in use.

6. Add a Shelf for More Room

Add a shelf above the camper kitchen sink for extra storage and style. Perfect for keeping essentials like spices, dish soap, and small plants, this simple upgrade makes your camper feel more organized and stylish.

7. Use Vertical Space

Install hooks or a pegboard on the wall to hang cutting boards, utensils, and other kitchen essentials. This not only saves counter space but also makes everything easy to grab when you need it.

8. Add Boho Aesthetic View When Eating

Position your dining area by a window with a scenic view. Decorate with boho touches like macramé curtains and potted plants to frame the view beautifully.

9. String Lights for a Cozy Feel

String lights for a cozy feel in your RV camper are a must! Wrap them around the windows, hang them across the ceiling, or drape them over your bed for a warm, inviting glow.

10. Add Vintage Elements

Hit up thrift shops for vintage treasures like old suitcases, funky mirrors, and unique decor pieces. These finds give your camper that lived-in, homey feel with a splash of nostalgia.

Camper Bathroom Decor Ideas

11. Add Wallpaper for a Quick Update

Add wallpaper for a quick update in your camper bathroom. Go for fun patterns or bold prints to give those tiny walls some serious personality.

12. Add a Herringbone Tile Design

Try a herringbone tile design in your camper bathroom for a chic upgrade. This stylish pattern adds elegance and makes your space look super high-end.

13. Add Some Fun Floor Tile

Opt for bold patterns or colorful designs to make the space pop. It’s a great way to add personality and make your bathroom unique.

14. Add Boho Decor

Add boho decor like macramé hangings, wicker baskets, and colorful textiles to create a cozy, eclectic vibe. Incorporate plants, vintage mirrors, and woven rugs for a touch of nature and texture.

15. Modernize Your Camper Bathroom With Farmhouse Touches

Add shiplap walls, rustic wooden shelves, and vintage-style fixtures. Elements like mason jar storage and farmhouse sinks enhance the vibe.

16. Subway Tile Opens Up a Small RV Bathroom

Subway tile creates a clean, bright look. The sleek, linear design makes the space feel larger and more modern.

17. Add Black and White Wallpaper

This classic combo creates a striking contrast that adds depth and sophistication. Choose patterns like stripes, geometric designs, or floral prints.

18. Add a Chic Rug to Instantly Update Your Trailer Bathroom

Choose a stylish, colorful rug to add warmth and personality. It’s a quick, easy way to enhance the decor.

19. Add Gold Touches for a Modern Feel

Try adding gold fixtures like faucets, towel bars, and mirror frames. Pair gold with neutral tones or marble patterns for a classy look.

20. Add Boho Art

Choose pieces like macramé wall hangings, woven baskets, or colorful boho art prints. These unique artworks create a cozy, personalized vibe.

Modern Camper Decor Ideas

21. Add Preppy Decor

Think pastel colors, striped patterns, and monogrammed pillows. These touches bring a crisp, clean, and stylish vibe to your space.

22. Add Rustic Decor Touches

Use wooden accents, mason jar storage, and vintage-style fixtures. These elements create a warm, inviting atmosphere.

23. Add Modern Lighting for a Quick Update

Sleek fixtures, LED strips, or pendant lights can instantly elevate the space. They make it feel brighter, more stylish, and contemporary.

24. Add a Pop of Color

Opt for vibrant cushions, rugs, or wall art. Bright hues can liven up the space.

25. Add Tech

Integrate smart lighting, an entertainment center, and a Bluetooth sound system. These additions make your space more functional and convenient.

26. Add Blue for a Modern Look

Incorporate blue accents like cushions, rugs, or a feature wall. This color adds a sleek, contemporary vibe.

27. Add Natural Elements

Use wood accents, stone decor, and potted plants. These touches bring the outdoors in, creating a warm, inviting atmosphere.


Transforming your small camper with modern, boho, or rustic decor is a fun way to express your style. Use these tips to create a comfortable and stylish home on wheels. Happy decorating!

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