10 unique recycled garden ideas to add a personal touch to your landscape

10 unique recycled garden ideas to add a personal touch to your landscape
Get ready to spruce up your garden with these fantastic recycled garden ideas, using just a touch of creativity and things you already have at home. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, there’s something for everyone in this collection.
As you scroll down, you’ll be surprised that ordinary items can be transformed into extraordinary treasures. It can be as simple as adding a whimsical touch to your garden by hanging shoe planters to give your outdoor space a charming glamour. Transforming imperfect items into beautiful works of art takes more time and skill, such as creating a unique garden stone by embedding broken glass in concrete.

#1 Antique drawer planters


An old drawer can be much more useful than you think. Line it with garden fabric, fill it with soil and plant your favourite plants. These drawer planters will give your garden a shabby chic look.

#2 Bicycle planter

An old bicycle can be transformed into a rolling planter. Place potted plants in the basket and watch your garden enter a new era. Just remember to secure the bike well so that it doesn’t accidentally move.

#3 Bicycle wheel trellis

Use old bicycle wheels to provide a stylish support system for your climbing plants. Attach the wheels to stakes and allow your vines to climb all the way to the top. This is both functional and visually appealing.

#4 Bottle cap garden art

Don’t just throw away bottle caps, save them to create colourful garden art. You can glue them to wooden boards to create vibrant mosaics, or paint them for unique garden decorations.

#5 Broken pot fairy garden

Who would have thought that broken pots could be transformed into a gorgeous wonderland? For this enchanting fairy garden, the shards are arranged into miniature landscapes and decorated with little figures.

#6 Hanging baskets with sieve

Sieve baskets make excellent hanging planters. Attach a sturdy chain, plant your favourite flowers or herbs and hang them in your garden.

#7 Crate vegetable garden

Wooden crates can be transformed into a charming raised bed for your vegetables. Stack the crates and fill them with soil for a practical and stylish planting solution. It’s like a mini farm in your garden.

#8 DIY wind chime

This unique DIY wind chime will make your neighbour green with envy. Let your imagination run wild, grab your old chandelier, attach spoons and be ready to hear its soothing sound.

#9 Garden hose wreath

Uncoil an old garden hose and shape it into a circle to create a unique wreath. You can decorate it with artificial flowers, butterflies or whatever suits your garden theme.

#10 Recycled tyre planters

Old tyres can be used to make great planters. Paint them in bright colours and fill them with soil and plants. These cheerful tyre planters can brighten up your garden and retaining walls.

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