20 Must-See Easy Small DIY Woodworking Projects for Beginners


Woodworking is an ancient craft that enables individuals to create functional and artistic objects from wood. For beginners, diving into the world of woodworking can be both exciting and daunting.

With so many woodworking plans available, it is important to find projects that are not only easy, but also beginner-friendly. In this article, we will introduce you to some of the best easy woodworking plans for beginners and show you step by step how to make beautiful pieces with ease.

20 .Forest Garden


source :WoodLogger


Would you like to grow food in your garden but don’t have the green thumb? Why not use a DIY wooden garden to start your backyard harvest?

It’s a very simple carpentry project that takes almost no time at all, and it makes planting and maintenance virtually painless!

19.Business Card Holder Made of Wood


If you are looking for simple ideas for small wood projects, this one could be ideal. This lesson is easy to follow, with only seven steps. You can even sell this wooden product later.


source :YOUTUBE

18.Chair for Dining

Once you have mastered all the little things about woodworking, you may want to try your hand at the mainstay of all carpentry: the dining chair.

It combines all the basic woodworking methods you have learned in six to twelve months.

Depending on where you live and how far away your local furniture store is, buying and transporting furniture can be a chore.

You don’t have to worry about damage in transit when you can make it in your garage, and you don’t have to compromise on style because it’s completely custom-made!

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17 Branch jewellery board
16 Wooden wall clock
15 Large wooden cube
14 Pallet strip
13 Knobs
12 X-table
10 A small scroll saw lantern
9 Wooden smartphone speaker
8 Hexagonal tray
7 Wooden cube for storing pictures
6 Storage for wooden ladders
5 A paper towel dispenser
4 Box with sunglasses
3 Modern bookcase
2 Bottle opener
1 Hanging fish


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